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FOX Business
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm EST
has baggage from the past. she was involved in the energy industry with her husband and some people say she was corrupt. so the problem with ukraine has always been corruption. it is a very corrupt country. has history of corruption dates back to the soviet union but continues since the demise of the soviet union. for that reason it maybe easierr russian puppets of, other puppets of the old soviet union to say, we need to go in there and we need russian troops to make sure that this country doesn't dissolve into chaos. gerri: that is obviously a possibility. let's bring in back ashley webster who is following the story closely. ashley, do you see conflict? do you see dissolution? what do you see in your crystal ball? >> this is a different cut one and as david said what are we calling this? is this an invasion? certainly appears that way but who are the troops in unidentified uniforms? as i said earlier there are those who speculate, everyone does that when she these events move at such a fast pace, private security firm that the kremlin uses from time to time and uses them to take
FOX Business
Mar 3, 2014 5:00pm EST
with areas that might get impacted. europe relies on the ukraine for energy and food. they are an important producer of both of these things. are you concerned about the ripple effects? >> yes, it really starts with collateral damage there. some of the countries are in the cloak of crisis, the more that their stock prices are following. i think you pointed out a great point. emerging rockets both on the stock side and the on-site have been lacking for months. the silver lining is kind of like, the u.s. again becomes the strongest guy or gal, however you want to do, at the beach. things are stable here. the economy is growing. steve and i had someone say it charlie gasparino said that if i was an individual of his upmarket, with full on money money out. so i think that the market is in particular a bull market and it will not end until the conditions star in this. the economy is not too hot, it's not too slow. then we have the fed easing as well. gerri: it's great to have these conversations tonight. thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate all of you being here. thank you. and still t
FOX Business
Mar 4, 2014 5:00pm EST
unsubsidized grocery bills, unsubsidized housing and utility and energy bills among other things. if they were allowed to keep more of their money, they would not have to work so hard with little to nothing to show for it. we love hearing from you. in this e-mail and and finally tonight, there is something to be said for gumption. moxie and confidence. that is what individual investors have been missing ever since financial crisis. we have lost our nerve. and news tonight that we covered that even one individual investors were performing mutual funds, their overall performance didn't match the funds. that is tragic. i believe individual investors are mimicking professionals and they see the pros jump on a women for no reason at all, the individuals do the same. long-term investing is dead. that is what i am told. i am holding may be the only advantage that you have in the market dominated by adrenaline junkies. not only will you reduce transaction costs, but your performance will improve as well. stick to your guns. that is my "two cents more". that's it for tonight's "willis
FOX Business
Mar 5, 2014 5:00pm EST
are about the same size. [laughter] we have tremendous energy and vitality it is my job to release that to have the pearl market -- pro market business environment. we can always do better. you always compete to make sure capital come to you, an entrepreneur and innovation comes to you. israel is the innovation nation end up powerful producer on the planet that gives us a great future. we would like to share it with our neighbors and with california. liz: prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu. with setting up shop in israel? >> you have to constantly of great products and services in shorter and shorter time. the way to get advantage is to buy into the smartest mines that are on earth in we have some of them. liz: 84 joining us on fox business. some headlines out of this with concern what is going on in the red sea but also hoping to see a resolution now of the ukraine he is the free marketeer. >> in the middle of this international crisis we hope is called the down i think it is slowing down. first of all, the housing bill down this is not that there rip roaring comeback? i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4